The Labyrinth 2009 – A walk with Jesus

Created by Julie, Adrienne and the Forest Row team.

Picture a meadow in your mind.

As you walk through the field of wild flowers feel them gently brush against your hands, legs and feet.

Ahead is a gate – open it and step through.

Stand still here and be silent. Habakkuk 2:20

Breathe in the scene in your mind with all your senses. John 20:22
Feel the earth beneath your feet.

Listen to the sounds around you, near or far.
Can you hear the birds singing?
Or the sound of a rain shower?
Or the gentle rustle of a breeze? Psalm 34:11

As you walk, count the sounds you hear.

Using your fingertips, touch as many things as you walk..
Maybe leaves and branches or the grass at your feet.

Taste the air – is it sweet? Psalm 34:8

Smell the countryside as your journey.

Ahead of you is a pool, stop awhile and gaze into the water.
What do you see?
Living water?
Your own reflection as God’s child? John 7:38

You see a familiar figure sat on the bough of a tree. Philippians 4:5

Look with your inner soul at the scene before you.
You are now in His presence.
Jesus greets you and welcomes you to come and sit with Him.

Listen for His voice as you open your heart to Him.

Walk to the rhythms of grace with Jesus by your side.
1Corinthians 16:23

Feel the peace of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit reach into the hidden recesses of your heart.

Feel your soul ignited by the love of God.

Rest in Him. Deuteronomy 33:12

Hold all you have experienced in your memory. Psalm 45:17

You have been lovingly made in God’s image and are his treasured child.
Psalm 139:13-16

He takes great delight in you and for the purpose He has in your life.
Isaiah 42:1

When you are ready to come back to the starting point of your journey, take a flower from the bowl in front of you to signify that Christ is with you always encouraging you to come and walk with Him.

God Bless

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