Take a Leaf Out – Story 7




…I was burning inside – there was a call to go out to the front and I was there!

It was the latter end of the 1980s. I was a junior Physiotherapist working in Birmingham. I had become a Christian in 1980, just before qualifying. I was single, had recently bought my first flat and was involved in a local church. However, I felt restless and thought I would love to work somewhere exciting, for a Christian organisation, and had been inquiring about possibilities from various charities. I went to Spring Harvest that year with a group of friends. One night in the big top we heard a lady called Elisabeth Elliot speak, and I was totally absorbed – she told the story of her husband Jim who, in the 1950s with other missionaries had been in regular contact with the Huaorani Indians in Ecuador and when expecting to be welcomed on a visit was tragically killed by them. Elisabeth then told of how, some years later, God gave her strength enabling her to live among that tribe and forgive them. I was burning inside – there was a call to go out to the front and I was there!

‘Here I am, send me anywhere, Lord!’ I declared – we were all so affected and inspired by Elisabeth’s talk & testimony. I felt ‘high’ on The Lord…. but didn’t feel a calling for anywhere in particular for me to work abroad until a little while later I felt a distinct sense of God saying, ‘Stay in Birmingham’! I was, I admit, surprised and a little disappointed! However, this led me to change church fellowship which was key and completely right for me at that time. Going forward and dedicating my life at that point was so significant. Thank you, Elisabeth – for your testimony, your amazing life and your ministry.

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