In those shoes?

Who’d have thought a work’s leaving do, a pair of bright pink M&S heels, and a throwaway line from a colleague’s hubby would finally spark me into writing the blog I’ve been meaning to start for ages?

Perhaps I’d better explain. It was as I walked across the car park towards the restaurant that I was spotted. I’d dressed to impress – well skinny jeans, killer heels, pink clutch bag in hand and a dash of make-up thrown on. “Who’s that?” said Viv’s hubby as he dropped her off for the party. “Oh that’s Caroline.” Viv said. “She wants to train to be a vicar.” To which he replied, “What? In those shoes?!”

When she told me, I laughed so much and said, “Yes! Absolutely! Definitely in these heels!”

Actually, it’s not quite as simple as wanting to be a vicar. To find out more, read the rest of the blog at

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