Do you know anyone who is nice all the time?

Do you know anyone who is nice all the time? This was a question asked recently on a popular mum’s message board. The poster was curious as to whether people who were genuinely nice all the time, with no other motives, actually existed. The replies started to come in, there were the replies of ‘no, no one is ever nice all the time’. Then some people began to respond with ‘yes I know someone, don’t know if this is relevant or not but they are a Christian.’ The discussion continued with a large number of posters saying that they did know genuinely ‘nice’ people, people who only had positive, kind things to say about other, people who didn’t gossip, people who could be happy for others and celebrate their success, and in all cases these people professed openly to be Christians. What struck me most was that this is Activates heart. Being salt and light to those around us, being Christ like in our words and deeds often has more of an impact on those we share our lives with then ‘preaching’ a message.

So ladies be challenged as I was, are we genuinely nice all the time so that we are salt and light to those around us? Don’t lose your saltiness (Mark 9:50).

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