Inception – the Matrix for 2010?

My son persuaded me to accompany him to watch the new Leonardo DiCaprio action heist movie – Inception.
I was entertained, baffled, intrigued, moved and emerged into the night full of questions. All around me other viewers were echoing the queries in my head – discussions about dreams, reality, guilt, perfection, time and love were breaking out in the cinema forecourt.

I would recommend this Christopher Nolan film if you like to be puzzled with fast action plot lines and lots of cinema trickery. Dom Cobb is a very unusual sort of criminal. Along with his sharp-suited sidekick Arthur, he breaks into other people’s dreams and ‘extracts’ their secrets. After what seems to be a failed job, he is approached by businessman Saito, who has a startling proposition. Instead of stealing information, he wants Cobb to plant information in the mark’s mind – an untested and near-unfeasible process called inception.

Assembling a new team,Cobb sets about doing the impossible. The mark is unsuspecting young business heir Fischer. The method is a bafflingly complex subconscious heist. And, with the shade of the mysterious Mal lurking in the wings, the stakes are far higher than Cobb’s letting on.

I am looking forward to discussing it with my friends and think that, whilst not a Christian film , it raises issues that are fantastic discussion starters.

What is reality and how do we recognise it?
If we created our own heaven how flawed would it be?
How can we ‘take a leap of faith’?
Are we in control of our own dreams?
How do we interpret the end?

Damaris has produced some excellent thoughts and a discussion starter on their website. I recommend you log on to them and then enjoy the film!

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