Gingerbread Girls

imageGingerbread Girls!

Since a dear friend passed on her love of making a gingerbread house at Christmas over fifteen years ago, I have carried on the tradition. For some years my daughter, her friends and I would gather around the kitchen table constructing our houses with icing ‘cement’, attaching chocolate button roof tiles and an assortment of sweets to decorate the walls.

Last year we started a new tradition of inviting friends and neighbours from church to join in the fun. Yesterday was our second event. Some made their gingerbread house pieces from scratch whilst others brought kits purchased from Morrisons (£4.99) and Ikea (2.50). Micheal Buble sang along as we supped mulled wine, nibbled the sweets and laughed our way through creating our gingerbread masterpieces. Festive fun was had by all even though a few calories were probably gained too!

1 thought on “Gingerbread Girls”

  1. Rhiannon 0102

    oh love it … I’m going to get some and invite some friends x what a great idea x

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