Count Your Blessings

Count your blessings 2010

A life-changing experience for Lent

Make Lent meaningful this year. Instead of giving up wine or chocolate, join Christian Aid in looking again at the good things in your life
– and change the lives of others living in poverty across the world at the same time.

There are lots of practical ideas contained in a little downloadable calendar that you can put on your fridge.Each day has some information about living in developing countries, contrasts details with our lives in the UK and invites you to set aside a small amount of money towards those who need it most.
The prayer that accompanies it is –

Loving Father
Often we forget your gifts to us,
letting them pass unnoticed
through each day.
Show us how to look again,
to see through your eyes
and give freely in response to what
we see.
And often we forget those who
struggle –
those whose greatest need
is lost among our riches.
Help us to look again,
to see through your eyes.
You gave so freely. Help us freely give.

You can also sign up for emails to help you keep Lent’s
journey in mind – they will send you
meditations, reflections and powerful
stories. Visit
A children’s version of Count Your Blessings,
resources for church worship and small
study groups and more copies of this
calendar are also available online.

Here are samples of the first few days –
Thursday 18
Wasted food costs the average family £420 a year.
Give 42p for each type of food you binned this week.>br>
Friday 19
In 2008 the price of basic foods such as rice, oil and sugar
increased by 50%,placing even greater pressure on poor families.
Give 20p for every packet or bottle of rice, oil or sugar
you own.
Weekend 20 & 21
‘We had 13 children,but four of them died.’
What Leandro wants more than anything is to keep his children healthy. 80% of his family’s diet is potato. Chronic malnutrition and infant mortality are huge problems
in Bolivia. Christian Aid is helping to fund seeds, tools and training so families there can build greenhouses and grow
vegetables to eat and sell.

Could you hold a Super Soup Lunch on 26 March? Visit

Monday 22
The International Labour Organisation estimates that 200 million more workers will fall into extreme poverty as
a result of the global recession. Almost half live in south Asia.
Give 10p for every £1,000 you earned last year.

Tuesday 23
One in six children worldwide is involved in child labour, which harms their mental, physical or emotional development.
Give 10p for every year of your childhood you were
free to play in your spare time.

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