Celebrating Easter

Easter is coming and its time for more celebrations! My drive to bring celebrations into our home means Easter is going to be as big and important as Christmas! I know for many of my Christian friends Easter, like Christmas, has become too commercialised and secularised, consequently they don’t have the decorations and extravagance that now marks these events. I personally have decided to embrace this time as my family’s Christian festival! For my family I am making a big deal of Easter, but with strong reinforcement that this is a celebration of Jesus’ life, death and resurrection, which will hopefully continue to make our faith fun and exciting for my children! What’s even more exciting is that my un-churched family will happily celebrate in this overtly Christian festival with us, yet would not go to Church. Bring the Christ into your home and bring family and friends to your home! Such great opportunities! So invites have gone out to extended family for Easter Sunday dinner, 13 coming so far! I’m on the hunt for Easter decorations, recipes and anything else that will help make this a feast to remember! I’ve put my Easter tree up (well a piece of twisted willow cut from my garden and some lovely 30p hanging eggs from the gift shop in my village!) The table will be decorated with spring flowers and I have just got some small cardboard boxes, one for each guest, which the children can decorate and then fill with mini eggs and a Bible verse. Joyce Meyer’s book ‘The Secret Power of Speaking Gods Word’ is a great little book when you want to find a verse for any occasion. I’m currently leaning towards John 6 v35 “Jesus is the Bread of Life. I come to Him and I am never hungry. I believe in Him, cleave to, trust in and rely on Him. I am never thirsty any time. I am fully satisfied.” With the boys I have started talking about the true meaning of Easter, I use ‘My First Message’ which is an excellent devotional Bible for children. So ladies lets get excited about Easter, this is what our faith is all about, let’s share it with those around us!

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