Are you a Cleggeron?

At Activate we encouraged you to pray and vote and on May 6th the country voted, leaving the result open and ‘hung’. The following two weeks were the most exciting political time that I can remember, with the media following the twists and turns in such detail that even my children became enthralled and were texting me from school to ask the latest!
Now we have something new- a Conservative Liberal Democrat Coalition and a fresh faced cabinet of largely untried politicians. Their task is enormous and, whoever you voted for, the need now is to pray for wisdom for all those in charge.
I was intrigued to read in the Times (Saturday 22nd May, Weekend, Page 2, by Mimmi Spencer) that We’ve all gone a bit Lib-Con!

It is not that we necessarily voted for them, just that the new leaders seem to reflect ‘us’ in a new way.
‘You may not even like them very much but it’s possible that, like me, you’ll recognise an unanticipated personal affinity with David Cameron and Nick Clegg and their way of going about things. It’s remarkable to me that here are two men grappling with the nation’s monumental issues, and they’re using my cultural and social signposts, my context, with which to do it…I bet they watched Champion the Wonder Horse and Roobarb and Custard in the holidays and remember the long hot summer of ’76 when the tarmac melted’.
Perhaps it is because Cameron and Clegg don’t come across as political zealots. Their ‘pick’n’mix belief system seems to suit the purpose and be easier for us to identify with.
I discovered that, according to the Times, I am a Cleggeron too.
Lib-Cons crave the good life: champion sustainability, more time with their family, bracing walks in the countryside and talk about giving things up (air travel, carbs) not possessing them. They don’t want to appear as materialistic but want somewhere to grow their own veg. There are trampolines in the garden, ecover washing up-liquid by the sink and aspirations to holiday in a yurt.
Things Cleggerons love –
Organic fairtrade food
Bottlegreen elderflower cordial
Eating in
VW Camper vans
Amazon (not ebay)
Ikea(but not actually going there)
Farrow and Ball Paint
Summer Festivals
Wii Resort
Charity Fun Runs
‘One Day’ by David Nicholls
Ashes to Ashes
Gap black jeans

As I read this I squirmed, am I really so predictably a Cleggeron? Or is this just a clever description of being British and middle-class and a 30/40 something?
Perhaps we identify with them because it is the first time leading politicians have been in our age range. I know there is the old joke about policemen and doctors looking young but it is a shock to wake up and find that you are older than the chancellor of the exchequer!
One last defining characteristic of a Cleggeron is that they ‘don’t do God- or only for weddings and to shoehorn their kids into the best local state schools’. So, ultimately I am not a Cleggeranything. I do do God, but if reading about modern ideology and lifestyle helps me to understand those around me so that I can reach out whilst speaking their language then I will keep reading.

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