Activate Your Life in ten words!

This was our challenge- sum up all that Activate Your Life stands for in ten short phrases. A new banner with the correct web address was needed. We wanted to move away from pictures of women, always a bit restrictive- white, middle class looking, a certain age. We chose a symbol of three females standing together. Then there was space for some text. We could put our strap line- a network to resource and inspire Christian women to share God’s love with their friends, neighbours and work colleagues. But sentences are too wordy. So the decision was made to come up with ten words or short phrases that would sum up and explain who we are to anyone passing the banner.
We have a wonderfully diverse Dream Team; different ages, different church backgrounds, different family situations with a broad spectrum of personalities. We had a fun hour bouncing words around. Splurging all our thoughts out, counting up the favourites, rejecting any that were vetoed, narrowing it all down. We came up with nine adding on to our name. Just when we were all happy we sent out a final confirming email and off the debate went again!! More discussion followed before the design arrived at the door of the bemused printer.
Today I have seen the completed banner for the first time- I love it!!
We’d love to know your thoughts and reactions? Did we miss out any major concepts or phrases? Which ten would you choose? Send us in your thoughts below or on our Facebook group page. Next time we are ready to make a banner we promise to listen??
Activate Your Life
Sharing God’s Love
Life giving
Dangerous Women

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