Activate Autumn Weekend Away

Switch On – Because you’re worth it!

We hope you’ll agree that it’s wonderful being a woman. But isn’t one of the downsides that we often don’t value ourselves enough – don’t recognise our own worth?

So our fabulous Activate Autumn Weekend Away is designed to redress the balance! There’ll be lots of opportunities for pampering yourself as well as gently stretching your brain and your muscles.

You can sample any or all of the goodies on offer yourself over the weekend and then take the best of them back home to share with others in your community. We’ll look at time management for manic mums – or any busy women for that matter – as well as great easy recipes to free up some kitchen time, and we’ll share some good food and fun. We’ll look at books and film, ethical fashion and beauty, self image, career and personal development.

And we’ll leave time for pampering. You can take home some recipes for potent lotions and potions to make as gifts for others or to use in your own bathroom. Hopefully we’ll all learn to love ourselves a bit more. There’ll also be an opportunity to explore why we’re of so much value to the one who made us just the way we are.

Tempted? Then book now and reserve yourself a place – Because you’re worth it!

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