A book review from California.

The Activate Team were delighted to receive a book review from a supporter in California who had image001-1been lent the book by a friend. You can purchase copies of ‘Unlocking the Door’  through our resources page.  Who could you buy a copy for? Do you need some personal inspiration?
After reading this book from cover to cover, I am encouraged at the wealth of ways that the Activate team has been able to meet people right where they are, without trying to drag them into the church. Not that church is a “negative noun”, just that it is important to be thoughtful and take what Jesus said literally in Mark 16:15:
“Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.”

The “world” is right outside on the footsteps of our church as in “Johnny’s Story”  on page 156. Or, in the School Office as “Mandy” took the time to reach out to a mom who was lonely and hurting and, then, developed a wonderful on-going relationship with her. I refer to it as being “Jesus with skin on”. This book excites me because it doesn’t talk about Christianity as a “religion”, but as a Relationship. This is Christ’s desire for us with Him and others.

Unlocking the Door  gives several good examples of how we can be “the light” right where we’re planted, and with w10685577_458484880956636_6719843796995117365_nhatever passion we may have as in “Katie’s story” on page 152, and her love of netball. Her’s especially struck me by the way she purposefully chose to join a non-Christian netball group. She went outside her comfort zone to reach others that may not know Him. I’ve truly enjoyed reading about all the creative ways to intentionally connect with those who haven’t encountered the love of Jesus yet. It’s a wonderful book of encouragement to remember God’s purpose for us.

By Cyndy Scotti

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