Concrete Faith by Matt Wilson

ConcreteFaith_3Dx250-191x300This is a page-turner of a book with story upon story, tracking through the growth of a movement that started in the 90s, in response to the needs of the hardest to reach young people. Matt does a great job of joining up the dots for the reader, as he shares his heart for urban mission and the theology behind his thinking.

Concrete Faith serves as a handbook for urban missionaries, illustrating the many pit falls and challenges you are likely to face when diving head first into a new community with the best will in the world. A gentle prod in the direction of thinking long term and sustainability, rather than going in with an escape route or plan B up your sleeve.

I know there are many movements like it across the world and Eden Network is not the first to talk about urban mission or incarnational faith, but the combination of raw honesty, down to earth reality and humour is a powerful mix. We are not all wired to do youthwork (some of us should definitely stick to our day jobs!), but I reckon there are more of us out there that could get involved and do what these guys do as a volunteer or full-time.

Whilst urban mission may not be on your radar, if you live in the UK or have a heart for the least and the lost, find yourself a copy of this book and peek through a window into the inner city, from Matt’s perspective. As far as I’m concerned it is vital reading if you want to keep your finger on the pulse of our nation.

You can also see the story continue to unfurl online through their website and Facebook page. Follow Matt’s continuing journey on twitter too… @mattwi1s0n

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