Take a look at our ethical online store.

Have a look at some of the bargains in our online store. Everything you buy helps Activate, as well as those who create the products in developing countries. http://activateyourlife.ethictrade.com

* I try to buy local or global with my presents. Either I walk to my local town centre shops and buy from independent traders or I buy from the internet with companies that are doing something for charity, fairtrade or poverty. I am delighted that the last few presents I have bought have been through Ethictrade and Achkiy and that I could buy them in the Activate online store with sale prices and a donation going to Activate!

I have bought a belt for my 16 year old son, not normally that exciting a present but when the rest of my family spied it before it was wrapped they were all amazed. It is made out of a bicycle wheel with the tread and smell all still there, plus a smart buckle. My son is a keen cyclist and I think will be delighted. I have also bought some beautiful scented cube candles. And a gorgeous Achkiy bead and ribbon black necklace. The goods arrived quickly and the packaging meant they were all in good condition.

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