Is this your Just Such a Time?

Perhaps this is the moment for which you have been created?” Esther 4:14

So this verse is a dominant thought in my life just now.

Looking it again this morning I began to think, what if our ‘just such a time’ is different from God’s?
What if we were specifically created and positioned for that moment in the check-out queue when we gave that lady a one pound coin. It seemed like nothing to you but it gave that person the strength to live another day.
What if our just such a time was to raise our children? We’re longing for the season when they are all grown up but God is trusting us to raise his next world changing leader?
What if our just such a time is now – right in the middle of what you consider your worst season to date? Could God be using your example of faith amidst adversity to pull others through the same thing?
What if our just such a times are so small and quiet, like whispers and nudges rather than a shout from God or a heavenly kick up the butt?
What if they are so subtle we might miss them? What if the moments God intended us to live for are encased in shopping bags, nappy sacks and business meetings?
What if our destiny is not the big thing but small everyday things? What if your Just Such a Time is now?
I don’t know about you but in the busyness of working life and the clutter of parenthood I can barely hear the smoke alarm going off when I burn the toast while I’m making packed lunches, polishing shoes, ironing clothes at the last minute and forgetting whatever school event is happening that day, let alone stopping long enough to hear a whisper from God.
But maybe it’s time to turn up the volume on God and de-clutter the white noise of life.
Imagine if you were born to smile at the person wondering if they are invisible, or to make the tea for the boss feeling in over their head, or to buy lunch for the colleague secretly panicking about money.
If that could be true then today could be the day. I don’t think we will fully realise the impact our life has had, this side of eternity.
Recently I received an email from someone to tell me that while I had worked with them – and we worked at a distance – that I contributed to their decision to accept Christ.
It blew me away.
I was looking for the big platform opportunity and all the time my everyday ordinary life was helping nudge someone toward Jesus.
What if today is your destiny day? Stop to smile. Take time to say thank you. Plan to be generous. Plan to make room for God to move.
Plan for your Just Such a Time!

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