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Hey ladies, it’s Friday again and so here is this week’s update from Jude verse 3. (Hope you’re enjoying the posts so far?) Stick the kettle on, let’s do this together 

Today’s verse begins with an insight into Jude’s motivation – and passion – for this letter. He begins by explaining that these words are not just a musing or way to wile away a few hours, instead they are full of intent and have cost him to even begin to express the sentiments in words.

I love the fact he has had to give his own agenda up in order to deliver this message, and also that he holds the work of the Gospel in such high esteem that he would be willing to ‘drop everything’.

He goes on to describe the Christian life – the thing that we all have in common too, girls – as ‘this life of salvation’. I wonder, is that how we view our Christian walk? Is it a life of salvation, of people being saved, of daily revelation, understanding more and more of the work Christ has done in us? I wonder if we were to summarise our life and its purpose if we would even consider the word salvation? For me, I might talk about ‘speaking’ or even that I was a journalist, I might talk about being a mother and a wife… but would I view my life and it’s reason for being, as a life ‘full of salvation’? Would others look at me and sum up that ‘she lived a salvation life?’

Of course, the reality, for all of us who know Jesus is that our life is FULL of salvation. It was not just a tiny piece of us which became reconnected to God through Christ, it was our all. Romans 12:1 in the Message talks about our ‘everyday, ordinary life’ – every little part of it.

And what does a salvation life look it? When we became ‘saved’ it wasn’t just to have a better eternity, it was to give you the best and most fulfilled life you can live now. Not merely an existence but a LIFE. Do your problems go away? Jesus’ certainly didn’t, but for the first time in the history of humanity, for those who accept Christ as Saviour, comes the promise of ‘never being alone’, comes the assurance of being ‘equipped and empowered’ by ‘another of the same’ – the Holy Spirit, and comes the promise of an eternal rest, forever in the presence of a loving, heavenly Father who moved heaven and earth just to be reconnected with you for evermore.

Jude goes on, in this verse, with even more passion and desperation, urging the readers to ‘fight with everything’ for this faith ‘entrusted’ to us and given ‘as a gift’ to ‘guard and cherish’.

I mentioned before that the context of the day was not so much overt persecution, but the fight was instead to keep the gospel of Jesus Christ alive and well – and free from false teachings.

Girls, every day I think the biggest challenge for us is this, to preserve the Gospel truth that Jesus is THE way, THE truth and THE life – there is no way to God, except through Him. Is this exclusive? Not at all, it is His will than ‘none should perish’ and that He came to save the world, not just an elite few privileged enough to know the truth.

And so here and now, the challenge set before us, is not to go out on street corners shouting and ushering in a promise of Hell, but instead to live an authentic Christian life – giving Jesus the glory for the work he has done in and through us. Making our lives and our stories a mission field, a signpost to the King of Kings.

Could I give us all a challenge this weekend… in the run up to Easter?
Why don’t you set yourself a goal to tell someone that you will be going to church this Easter, but then go one step further. Why don’t you add in the truth of the Gospel… ‘I don’t know where I would be without Jesus!’

People often hear ‘church’, ‘religion’ or ‘faith’ but lives are changed when we introduce people to JESUS.

This gift we have, has been entrusted to us, according to Jude. I for one, want people to know how precious it is to me. And I will guard it too. Guard it against it being called a ‘religion’. No, girls, Jesus is alive, He is a person and He is transforming your life, and my life, as we speak. Imagine what He could do if we just refuse to let the issues of life and the philosophies of this world get in the way?

Imagine if we do as Jude asks, and drop everything, fight with all we have, to preserve this salvation life? Imagine… all the people!

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