Cosy in and listen up – A Conversation

Me: I don’t know what to do about my darling girl.

God: I know.

Me: I don’t know how to face the world when it hurts so much.

God: I know.

Me: I feel like screaming, stamping my feet, swearing, throwing myself into the sea. Consumed with it, all the pain, the agony, the secrecy, the keeping going every day.

God: I know. I know my darling girl. I know how it hurts and you want to know what’s coming next and fix it and move forward.

Me: (interrupting) And I thought I’d been here before but these feelings and this pain are so fresh, overwhelming at times. How can I keep going? Why do people look and think I’m coping? Just ‘cos I don’t keep stating the problems or have to limit what I share? I am weary. Weak. Fed up and lonely.

God: I know. I Am. And I am here for you. Always. Remember I am your rock, your safe place, your constant. I have provided before and I will again, sometimes in familiar ways, sometimes unexpectedly and even in ways you won’t recognise as help until afterwards. Lean on me. Keep walking with me, don’t try to run ahead. Remember I am The Way The Truth and The Life. For you, for your girl. And keep talking with those dear friends. Reach out. Know I Am. And I love you.

I hope that by sharing this, it might help others – An Activate Supporter


We’re so grateful for this contribution to the series.  As I started reading I felt very sad but it really spoke to me and left me feeling uplifted.  There is a lot of advice unlocked in that last paragraph.

Has this piece inspired you to write? We’d love to share your encouragements and stories as part of our current series – please contact us x

Our weekend away is an ideal place to meet and pray with other women. If you’ve never joined us before, I can highly recommend it.   It’s such a great opportunity to speak with Christian women of all ages and receive advice, comfort and prayer.  The setting provides a space for rest and healing.  If you are currently debating whether to book on but want a bit more inside information, feel free to contact the team and one of us will be happy to give you a call.

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