Wintershall – Nativity

Wintershall will perform The Wintershall Nativity from Friday 17 December until Tuesday 21 December 2010. Taking place both inside and around the Holly Barn Theatre at Wintershall, complete with shepherds,sheep, oxen, donkeys and the three wise men on horseback; it is the true story of the birth of our dear Lord Jesus and brings to life the real meaning of Christmas, helping all to escape the turmoil of its present day commercialism and missing spirituality. Come warmly dressed with boots or appropriate footwear. The ‘inn’ opens for tea, coffee and mince pies etc one hour before each 90-minute performance.

This year’s performances from Friday 17th December until Tuesday 21st December 2010 start at 4.45 p.m. and 7.30 p.m. each day.

Adults £15 Children £7.50

Wintershall, Wintershall Estate, Surrey, GU5 0LR
(Mon-Fri 9.00am – 5pm only) email:
Tel: 01483 892167http

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