Rosemary speaks out

Dateline: 5th May 2009
Place: Hilltop Church, Eastwood, Nottingham.

The day had arrived. Over 12 months ago I telephoned Rosemary Conley’s office to arrange for her to visit our church. The date given seemed so far away then, now it is upon us. Adverts placed (Rosemary asked specifically that it be advertised as “How God changed my life”), invitations given, church spruced up and prayers made. The question in all our minds is, will this be a success? Will anyone come?

On the night the church starts to fill and before we know it over 120 people had arrived including the mayor of Eastwood and the chairwomen of Greasley Parish Council. Of the congregation probably 65% had never been to our church before.

We had arranged to start the meeting at 7:15 – Rosemary had not arrived!!!! (panic starts to set in)

By 7:20 she arrived and after press photographs we were able to start our meeting. Rosemary gave a clear testimony to God’s saving grace and how He had changed her life.

Afterwards our team distributed comment cards and we received 34 positive requests acknowledging they had invited Jesus into their lives, or had made an act of rededication.

Rosemary offered all there a free copy of her book “Power for Living”, as one person was leaving they were heard to say “Can’t wait to read the book and change my life”

Rosemary also had a short question time on fitness and diet issues, which was very amusing!!!!!!!!! As well as informative.

Afterwards we invited all to stay for a buffet (not fat free!!!!)

We thank Rosemary for her time and commitment, but most of all we praise God for showering us with such an amazing blessing.

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