Rock Chicks- Women Of Substance

Rock Chick women are passionate and relevant to today’s society. They are ready and prepared to step up and step out. Extravagant in their desire to see others belong to God’s kingdom, they embrace hospitality and have a ball.

The Rock Chick concept is made of three strands which are separate yet intertwined.

They are:

Themed dinner parties:
Unchurched friends relax with christian girls from church and have an absolute hoot. So far we’ve had a pink party, get lippy, pirates of the carribean and a shoe party. No charge to the guests as the church covers the cost of the meal and even the party bags!

Party with a purpose:
Rock chicks give back to someone in need or a local charity as a result of the ticket sales at the champagne and dessert event.

Glass slipper ball:
Held annually this red carpet event will blow your socks off! A parallel bewteen God’s lavish grace towards us and the rags to riches story of Cinderella, we share in this undeserved love as we all have a ball!

The Rock Chicks concept is one which you can easily adapt in your own church or community. Why not host your own themed dinner parties, find someone you would love to bless at a party with a purpose and organise a fabulous glass slipper ball?

For more details contact the activate team and ask for Alison Tinsley or visit

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