On your knees

It’s a well known fact that most of the battles we are ever likely to face are won on our knees – but obviously a prayer can be said much more subtly in any location. And I’m finding out more and more how open people are to prayer and what a powerful effect it has on the one being prayed for.

Last night I was at a Social network in a large department store and one of the treats was a mini makeover. The young man putting on my ‘slap’ chattily asked what I did…and then responded to the answer by saying he didn’t like to think about religion and just hoped that when the time came he’d get into heaven, but was clearly worried about his ‘sins’.

I pointed out that giving ‘absolution’ was part of my job spec and he told me it’d take all night! But was very open to be prayed with – right there in a busy store surrounded by champagne sipping women. I simply prayed ” Father please will you bless Lee – and make yourself known to him, that he may come to know and love you as you surely know and love him”. AS I was leaving I waved and said “See you in Church then” – and he laughed but he mouthed “thank you”. The rest is up to him and God, I’ve done my bit for King and country.

This morning I walked my dogs along with a man who is recently widowed. He went to take a short cut but I said I always pray under that tree over there and this morning I want to pray for you. He looked a bit surprised but came along to the tree and was really choked when I prayed that God would wrap him in love and bring some joy into his life. Before we went our separate ways down footpaths he asked about the possibility of joining my community choir. Then said “Thank you for the prayer – it was lovely.”

No one has ever refused the offer of prayer so far and it’s so easy to do. So I’ll continue my own personal fight against the powers of darkness by praying anywhere and everywhere. It’s an ongoing battle and we can all join up regardless of age or experience and work from your own home base.

Why not join the Home Guard yourself? Getting out and about in the community helps – go to clubs and networks, and get a dog – it opens up loads of conversations! Let us know how you get on…

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