March Devotional – Palm Sunday

As faithful followers of Christ, we are called to relive the emotional journey on Palm Sunday when Jesus entered Jerusalem bringing excitement, joy and celebration with His disciples and friends. Joy turns to sorrow, celebration turns to grief as they move towards Jesus’ death culminating in an unbearable tension of emotions.

In Luke 23:49 it tells us that witnessing Jesus’ death is necessary in order that we may also be witnesses to His resurrection. As with Jesus’ earliest followers, we are called to remember His crucifixion and resurrection. Although we may live in an ever changing world there is one constant truth that Christ is our Saviour and King.

May we hold dear in our hearts on this Palm Sunday, the passion of joy and pain and carry this as we journey with Christ each day of our lives. Hosanna! God bless the one who comes in the name of the Lord! – Mark 11:9

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