Last Chance Harvey – in cinemas 5th June – Don’t Miss This!

I had the message below from DAMARIS – Do take a look.

Damaris has a wonderful website, full of great resources on current books, films and music – and their latest offering is of special interest to Acivate Your Life.

Last Chance Harvey (UK release 5th June) is a heartfelt romance that celebrates new beginnings – at any age. Dustin Hoffman plays Harvey, a creative composer about to lose his dead-end job as a jingle writer. Emma Thompson plays Kate, a sensitive 40-something whose life is limited to work, the occasional humiliating blind date and endless phone calls from her smothering mother. A chan ce encounter in an airport leads to a growing connection between them – but can they really find romance at their age, with their experience of past failures and pain?

This film will appeal to men and women of all ages. But it will have a particular resonance with women. Therefore, in partnership with Momentum Pictures, the film’s distributors, we are creating a FREE set of resources, including some designed specifically for women’s groups.

We want to help you to run an outreach event based around seeing the film in the cinema and then coming back for food, drink and discussion on these themes:

1. Regretfully Yours – living with past failures and regrets
2. Take a Chance on Me – overcoming the fear of pain and disappointment in new relationships
3. New Beginnings – the prospect of reconciliation, and establishing good relationships old and new
We will provide everything you need, including…

Artwork from the film for posters and invites
A leader’s guide with:
food/drink suggestions (e.g. a Last Chance Harvey Wallbanger!)
a trivia-quiz based on the film
discussion material and suggestions for using it
Downloadable clips from the film for you to show as you lead each part of the discussion
All of these will be available from and all will be free of charge.

We will also provide a special edition of Pollard on Film (Last Chance Harvey and Relationships), a special edition of the new look (Last Chance Harvey and Real Life) and six downloadable clips from the film with suggestions for use, all open access in

Please will you pass this information on to others – and plan to use our resources to run an outreach event as soon as possible after 5th June?

This email is sent out by: Damaris, PO Box 200, Southampton, SO17 2DL, UK. Email: – to get these resources.

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