God Provides

image1Our daughter, Hannah was born on the 16th August. After she was born my husband, Steve was off work for 3 weeks so we travelled around in his car with the baby. We stupidly didn’t test the car seat in my car. The day Steve had gone back to work I had to go out for an appointment. I went to put Hannah in the car and the car seat physically wouldn’t fit through the door of my car because it is a 3 door car. At the time, we had just put an offer in on a house so we were saving every penny.

That weekend I was driving to church, praying that God would speak to me. After church, we went to Halfords to buy a new car seat. They didn’t have a single one in the whole store that would fit in the car. We started thinking we might need to buy a new car. We decided to drop Hannah off at Steve mum and dads, and drive to Mothercare. I arrived in my car after Steve had already got there.  As I got out of the car I heard my name (like Moses heard his name when God spoke to him).  I turned around and there was a man I had never met before on the other side of the road. He asked me if I wanted a car seat.  I asked him to repeat himself 3 times because I was in shock that the exact thing we were buying, a stranger was offering to me. I didn’t have Hannah with me, which made it even more incredible – he was offering me a car seat when he didn’t know I had a baby!  Steve drove to this man’s house to pick up the car seat. Amazingly this car seat fitted perfectly in my car and it was free. Steve parents who aren’t Christians said that it must be a gift from God.

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