Fresh Start

Could January be a refreshing time for you, when you make a positive new beginning in your faith journey or within a particular area of your life? For many people January is all about debt, dieting and depression but we don’t have to take our positive attitudes and pack them into the loft with our Christmas decorations. We can make a decision to make the best of our situation with God’s help.
I have enjoyed a new book by the Californian writer and speaker, Doug Fields. In ‘Fresh Start’ he begins by telling the story of a factory burning down in 1914 that belonged to Thomas Edison. Rather than responding with despondancy when he faced his life’s works in charred ruins, Edison declared that at 67, he was not too late to make a fresh start and proceeded to have his factory working double shifts within a month.
You may not be facing a burnt out factory but you could be facing a period of frustration, discouragement or worry – trapped by harmful habits and attitudes that prevent you from being the woman of God that you could be.
Fields looks at some of the most common defeating issues in life, looked at realisitc and practical steps you can take to enhance the work that God wants to do in your life. Move forward by faith and do the possible whilst trusting the impossible to God!
You can order this book from
And whilst you wait for the book to arrive, take a moment to make a positive step by booking in to our March training day to help inspire and resource you to step out for God in 2012.

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