Finding God, Talking up Church, Picnics and Parties

Last week I read the following article in one of the Sunday supplements and several things struck me.
Sarah Oliver ‘didn’t mean to find God’ but explains her story in the article and uses phrases like – ‘because I finally found a church to which I wanted to belong’….’mostly I like the people’….’a simple and vigorous Christian kindness’. A hugely positive article it ends with ‘in these economically and morally troubled times religion is finally reprising its traditional role as society’s storm anchor. Amen to that’.
Do read the article and then get together with a few friends and discuss it over a drink. What lessons are there for us to learn? What does it say about people’s attitude to church today?

And while you’re at it, take a look at this YouTube clip and compare your discussions about Sarah Oliver’s article with your thoughts on Chris Moyles Talks up Church – . This is a 6 minute clip from Chris Moyles Radio 1 show where he chats about his impressions of seeing the Sunday service, almost by accident, the previous day. We see the service going on as he uses words like ‘amazing’ and ‘awesome’ . It will certainly give you and your friends something to talk about. Again what does it say about our society, people’s perceptions of church and Christians and what can we learn? Let us know your conclusions – we’d love to have your feedback.

Another great summer idea from Macmillan. The Big Picnic – is their latest idea and one all of us could get involved with. What better way to have fun with others in our community while raising money for a good cause. Take a look at the website, where all the resources you;ll need for a great event are easily accessible. We’d love to hear about your picnic.

If you’re looking for a new idea, then you might consider Jamie Oliver’s latest initiative – a new party plan idea – Jamie at Home. Opportunities to start your own small business – great for making contacts or just to host a party. My contact is Karen Tyas on 07828 689984 – she’s based in South Yorkshire but could give details of other agents around the country..

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