Back to nature

With the current trend for healthy eating there’s never been a better time than this for growing organic food. You can even source seeds from reliable sources so that you know the history of your food from seed to plate.


This week is National Allotment Week (see

and a great time to start growing your own alongside others.  You can put your name down for an allotment if you haven’t got space at home though some people are offering shared space in their gardens. Its mutually beneficial – you get someone else to do the digging and see the fabulous results from your window and share in the harvest.


Those who have allotments talk about the community spirit that exists with gardeners swapping products when they have a glut. Bartering is a great way to stock your fridge.


People often feel less threatened when working alongside someone else and are more willing to share meaningful things or listen to other people’s point of view. It’s a great way to build relationships and you might even be able to invite them to join in your Harvest Festival.


So grab a spade and get going. After all our story began in a garden…

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