“Are you all in?” One of our Miss Activates, Eden Goulding shares her story.


The Event

During the summer holidays, I went to a camp called New Wine.  It was amazing! My sister, Meka, and I found a really good group of friends and we had so much fun.  One day in the evening service, I felt God was speaking to me and I am going to share what happened.

Asking God

Recently, I have been having thoughts in my mind telling me I’m too fat or not pretty enough and really knocking down my self-confidence.  It was as if these thoughts were whispering in my ear everywhere I went.  So I decided I wanted to ask God for peace and to get the evil comments out.

The Holy Spirit’s Peace

In that evening service, as I was standing up and praying, I felt myself sucking in my belly in case anyone was watching or thinking I’m big.  At that moment, I experienced the Holy Spirit.  I felt a hand resting on my tummy and pulling it out and the thing is, I wasn’t in control of it, it just happened.

God’s Words For Me

Then I got an image of a blank screen and loads of words flashing up.  For example, I saw the words ‘beautiful’, ‘you’re gorgeous’, ‘you’re my child’, ‘don’t put yourself down – I created you’.

‘All In’

All of a sudden, I burst out crying.  Later on, the speaker gave a prophesy.  She said, ‘I feel like there is someone in this room who thinks they’re not good enough, not pretty enough and feels like people judge them constantly’.  So I went up to her afterwards and told her that what she said tonight impacted me and related to my life so much.  I thanked her and she prayed that I would be ‘all in’ and confident in who in am.

The Dream

A couple of nights after this, I had a dream.  I dreamt I was in a strong current and whenever I passed one wave, another one pushed me back.  Finally, I managed to get out.  A man was waiting for me and he said to me, ‘are you all in?’.  I replied with a ‘yes!’.  This dream helped me realise that I need to be all in for Jesus – no turning back.  I need to be sure of my decision and follow him no matter what.

Starting to Believe

Having had this amazing experience at New Wine, I am starting to feel more confident.  I am starting to believe that I am perfect just the way God made me. I am starting to believe that I shouldn’t be ashamed of the way God made me.  I am starting to believe that I shouldn’t let people put me down.


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