The Real Easter Egg – putting Jesus back into Easter.

It’s hard to believe that, out of the 80 million chocolate Easter Eggs sold each year, not one of them mentions Jesus on the box. Until now that is.

The Real Easter Egg is the first and only Fairtrade chocolate Easter Egg to explain the Christian understanding of Easter on the box. It also supports charity and development projects – buying everything from medical equipment for new mums in the UK, to chickens and securing fresh water for farmers in Africa.

The Real Meaning of Easter
Easter is all about cute bunnies, fluffy chicks and eating too much chocolate, right? Well, not quite, it’s a bit more meaningful than that.

That’s because billions of people all over the world believe that Jesus died on the cross on Good Friday, then rose again three days later… on Easter Sunday.

Actually, many believe that chocolate eggs represent the boulder that sealed his tomb. And with eggs being widely thought of as a symbol of hope and new life, the custom grew where people exchanged gifts of chocolate eggs at Easter.

The Real Easter Egg gives consumers their first ever chance to buy an Easter egg that not only tastes good but does good, bringing to light the Easter themes of hope and new life. I believe there will be widespread support for the product from the faith community and wider afield with many millions likely to be interested. The Real Easter Egg is a chance to educate and do good – giving money to charitable projects.
Archbishop of York, Dr John Sentamu.

I have been looking out for them since I heard about them last week and hope to buy them for my children this year. I think I may have to buy one for myself first, all in the interests of tasting research and good parenting, of course!! I haven’t spotted them in my supermarket so the right thing is probably to go in and ask. They are available in some Waitrose, Morrisons, Booths and Cop-op stores.The retail price is £3.99. Perhaps you could post a reply to this article if you have managed to buy and taste the eggs. If you would like to find out more, or download resources for your church or community noticeboard then look up –

April 13th Update –
My local supermarket has stocked them and I bought one to taste – delicious! My Wednesday morning ladies group all shared one together and we decided that we loved the concept and the packaging. The chocolate tasted creamy, quite ‘Galaxy’ like. We are all on the hunt for more and my children are going to be getting eggs with a message this year.
Let me know how you get on finding the eggs and whether you like them…

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