I’M DISAPPOINTED – Day 9: End of Series QUIZ!

SnipImage (10)It is the end of the series and it is the end of term…. so in the spirit of reports and exam results, here is your POP QUIZ!


Fill in the gaps:

1) Disappointment occurs when our _____________________ is greater than the reality of what we actually experience.

2) The key story we focused on was the Israelites in the ____________________.

3) God can see the bigger picture. He knew the shorter route for the Israelites would lead them into the path of the Philistines. He allows disappointment to protect us from the _____________________.

4) In times of disappointment, God can exceed our expectations. A word we could use as the opposite of ‘disappointment’ is _______________________.

5) Disappointment fosters greater _______________________ with God.

6) ________ is essential in the life of a tree in order to create reaction wood or ‘stress’ wood.

7) Consider it pure joy whenever you face trails of many kinds, because you know that the _____________________ of your faith produces _______________________. (James 1:2-4)

8) What we need most in our disappointment is not a change of circumstance but a change of ______________________________.

9) An antidote to disappointment is __________________________.

10) We need to trust ______ that He sees the bigger picture. We may not understand it at the time but we need to concentrate on deepening our relationship with Him.

SnipImage (9)

Let’s see how many you got!

1) expectation
2) Wilderness
3) unknown
4) miracle
5) intimacy
6) wind
7) testing perseverance (you need both to get the mark!)
8) perspective
9) gratitude/thankfulness
10) God

What now?

– ‘Like’ this article if you are on Facebook and you got most of them right! Well done! You have the head knowledge to help you or a friend in times of disappointment.

– Go back and reread some of the articles if you didn’t get the answers right!

– Learn it in your HEART now… live in a state of gratitude in all circumstances. You have every right to feel disappointment (and God allows it) but turn your gaze towards your Saviour instead of the detail of your circumstances.

Love and blessings x

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