3:2: Hallelujah



Hallelujah: Praise the LORD!

Here is a challenge for you: keep resisting the incredibly misused and blasphemous exclamation ‘OMG’, which has become so commonplace. Instead, let’s express our thanks to God when something is amazing, incredible and praiseworthy by exclaiming ‘hallelujah’! We will always find people who misuse this expression too, but it would be wonderful if we could claim it, understand it and make it part of our vocabulary in an uplifting (not a sighing, scarastic) way.

So, just a mini article for you today, with an extract from a blog about the meaning of the word, and a gorgeous rendition of Leonard Cohen’s most famous song with new words.  I’ve just shared it on my timeline to encourage my friends (and me) to get some perspective on the real meaning of Christmas at this frantic time of year.  Enjoy!


The Meaning Of Hallelujah  

Hallelujah” is a word known worldwide,  but many don’t really know exactly what it means.  If we’re going to use this word,  it would be good to use it rightly.

It is two Hebrew words put together. “Hallel”  means to praise, to boast in, to shine forth, to be worthy of praise, and to be commended.     “Jah” is a shortened form of “Jehovah“,  which means the Self-Existent and Eternal One.  Jehovah is the name of the LORD which emphasizes that God Almighty has no beginning or end. He always has been and He always will be LORD God Almighty. There simply is none greater.

When we put the two words together, we are praising the LORD  with all our being, because He alone is worthy of being praised  for all the great things He has done and continues to do. When we separate the two words, they are translated “Praise the LORD“.  If we see the Greek form of the word, we will see “Alleluia“. It means the very same thing.

In some Bible translations, we will read “Praise the LORD!” and see a footnote about “Hallelujah”. In other translations, we will read “Hallelujah!” and possibly see the footnote that it means “Praise the LORD!”

Thanks to Margaret at https://123hallelujah.wordpress.com/2010/05/29/the-meaning-of-hallelujah/


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