Shine bright like a diamond

SOMETIMES you just need a nudge of encouragement, and today’s gem comes from the incredibly amazing Activate supporter, Beth Johnson.


Let me tell you what happened to me this last half term…

My children and I headed Scotland to visit family and friends.

On one of the days my friends along with their children were visiting us at my parents house, so I tried to squeeze every job that needed doing in the couple of hours before they arrived; the kids were fed and dressed, the washing was on, the dishwasher too, nappies had been changed, vacuuming done… I sat down with my cup of tea, ready for a good catch up.

That’s when I saw it. Well, the lack of it. One of the diamonds from my engagement ring was missing.

I started to retrace ALL of my steps, my friends joined in. Six-year-olds armed with torches searched the house in this real treasure hunt. The problem was it could have been anywhere. ANYWHERE!

Eventually, diamondless, I returned to my much needed cuppa. In that moment of feeling pretty hopeless and calculating in my head that replacing the diamond would probably cost more than the initial amount we paid for the ring, my friend encouraged me.

Her story was of a ring lost in the sea, only to find it five hours later, after much prayer, on the beach when she stubbed her toe on it! This is the story that gave me hope.

After two days of praying that I would see just a tiny sparkle and staying very alert. There it was. A tiny, little sparkle. In a carpet that had been searched many times. I squeezed the diamond between my finger and thumb and excitedly shared the news.

I honestly felt like I was the woman in the parable of the lost coin and wanted to celebrate. What was lost was now found!

Whatever or whoever you are hoping for, can I encourage you to pray and stay alert for that tiny sparkle of opportunity. Let stories of hope encourage you and share your story to encourage others. Let us rejoice together when the things that are lost in our lives are found!bethj

Originally from Scotland, Beth Johnson lives in the North East of England with her husband and their three young children. She has recently finished her role as Middlesbrough Development Worker for The Girls Brigade, leads the MyKidsChurch team in the Teesside campus of her church and loves all things creative.

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