It’s that time… the John Lewis Christmas advert is hitting the headlines again.

121108JohnLewis_6881242This is the third year in a row that John Lewis have spent more than £5million on an advert for Christmas. This year they have moved further away from subtley showing their own products and it takes a while to even work out who the advert is for. Not for them a glitzy party showing lots of pretty women in cocktail dresses. There are few people featured, it is all about two cute snowmen, or at least one dedicated snowman and his girlfriend! It was filmed in the July midwinter of New Zealand and features the snowman travelling across forests, rivers and mountains – all for love. I was reminded of the scary blinking angels from Doctor Who as you never actually see the snowman move, you just see that he has moved on…
Cynical commercialism? Too early to start talking about Christmas? A message that shopping and spending money solves all? Perhaps, but I love this little film and it is already a one million youtube hit wonder.
I am thinking of playing it to my youth or ladies group at the next talk on the power of love or maybe Jesus travelling across the universe for me. How could you use it?

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