“Equals” by Jenny Baker – a book review

Jenny Baker, a favourite Activate speaker, has just published this excellent and interesting read.  The strap line is ‘Enjoying gender equality in all areas of life’ and Jenny endeavours to promote a positive picture of equality that benefits both sexes, rather than just  a cry for the rights of women.  This, together with her MSc in Gender Studies, gives balance to her voice.  The book is very readable, whatever your background or views on this issue.

‘This book provides a much needed challenge for Christians to rethink the complex issues of gender and to restore people to their God-ordained equality and freedom.’ Vicky Beeching.

I particularly enjoyed her personal experiences that are sprinkled throughout and give an insight into her Brethren roots as well as her attempts to live out an authentic egalitarian marriage.  I enjoyed reading chapter four on ‘Addressing inequality: how can we do things differently?’ which brings out  proactive ideas that go beyond the theoretical.  The final chapter on ‘Church and equality’ was of special interest to me as it relates to my own church situation.  We would love to hear what you think of this book and whether it inspires, offends or challenges you.  Find it for sale on



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