Christmas crackers are out, Cream Eggs are in.

I nipped into my local corner shop for a loaf of bread on the 27th of December and found the manager happily filling the now empty ‘Christmas shelves’ with chocolate Easter eggs. ‘ How ridiculous’, I thought and was about to make a friendly joke when I realised that I would actually enjoy eating a Cream egg so I kept quiet , smiled and added a small Cadbury’s egg to my basket.
Shop marketing is always ahead of our seasonal thoughts, Christmas goods starting in September is as ridiculous as Easter eggs in December. How do you feel when you see the chocolate marketing? All too commercial? Or are you trying to detox and diet for January and the calories are annoying?
This year, I have decided to be more intentional in my conversation and evangelism. I firmly believe in Friendship Evangelism, yet I am guilty sometimes of more friendship and scarce evangelism! So my new year’s resolution? To talk about Jesus more. To directly invite friends to a Christianity explored group that is about to start. Every time I see a chocolate egg, and especially every time I eat one, to pray for courage and sensitivity. I have 12 weeks to be active between now and Easter with my faith. Twelve weeks, eighty four days, how many conversations? Lives changed for Jesus?

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