Chasing away the Winter Blues

Spring is just around the corner, as although the temperatures are low the snowdrops are appearing so if you don’t
want to get caught out when the sun shines
you’ll have to start planning now.
These ideas are adapted from an article that appeared in the Activate magazine, thanks to Ruth and Jan

So how can you and your friends shake off the winter blues? This is a good time of the year to organise an event to brighten up the winter evenings, so that you’re all feeling in tip top condition for the Spring.
Well you could start by ‘having your colours done’. Colour consultancy is a booming industry as more and more women are discovering the colours that suit them and help them look good. But the process works best when friends gather together and help with the appraisal. And it’s much more fun. Contact the office if you need advice. It may well change someone’s life.

The GMEX centre in Manchester had a beautician’s exhibition recently, and nearly all the products on offer were related to nails. It’s the latest thing. Walk into any salon in your area, at any time of the day, and you’re likely to find someone sitting patiently, having a manicure or some sort of nail art session.You could organise a session like this or even enrol on a course yourself? This is a superb opportunity for one-to-one talking and listening, and an excellent tool for evangelism as Karen’s story shows :
I have always had a heart to reach out to women. Over the past eight years, I have been involved in six ‘Share Jesus’ missions in different parts of the country. We usually run a Kid’s Holiday Club and a coffee morning for the mums – who rarely turn up as they are relieved to have some time
without the children to catch up on chores! Last year was different however, as we decided to add some extra attractions to the coffee and biscuits, and found that there were a few talented ladies in the congregation who could offer manicure and massage as the ladies relaxed and enjoyed a friendly chat.This
was so successful that after we arrived home, I trained as a manicurist, and am now available to bring this skill and speak to small groups in homes. The evening works well with about eight ladies who watch a
demonstration of a full manicure including hand and arm massage, when I share some of my testimony as well as talking through the treatment. Each guest can then choose a massage or nail varnish
and receive some individual advice.There is the opportunity for general conversation as well as personal sharing and asking of questions in a safe, relaxed and non-threatening environment.
Depending on the circumstances, this can be expanded to include a short talk about how God has made us as individuals, how He cares for us, or how we should be more concerned with inner than outer beauty.’
If you would like to contact Karen then email us.

“A beautician is also a counsellor”, says Katherine, a beautician in Astley, near Manchester. “Women come in feeling jaded and burdened. A lot of my work is listening as I pluck and massage and wax.” People
leave Katherine’s salon with a lighter step. Some beauticians run a mobile service and will come
to your home or possibly a larger venue. Arranging a session like that would be a popular event.
Or for a beauty product demonstration ring Body Shop direct on 0800 092 9090. These events give
wonderful opportunities for conversations and relationship building, and who knows where they may lead!

Sick of huddling in front of the fire? Get togged up and gather a gang to go for a walk.You’ll soon be
feeling warmer and fitter.And fresh crisp air lifts the spirits.You can always finish up at a pub with a log fire.Walking side by side is a great unleasher for people to talk, who couldn’t cope with sitting
face to face and talking at a deep level.

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