Beck Rodda

Can you tell me about yourself – who you are and what you do?
My name’s Beck Rodda, I’m a freelance actor (acting name Rebecca Rogers). I have worked for several years with Saltmine Theatre Company, and am currently on tour with Searchlight Theatre Company.
Have you always known and believed in God?
No. My sister became a Christian when I was 16, and started invited me to things. I said ‘no’ to any invitations – the only church group I went to was the drama group. One summer I was invited to ‘Soul Survivor’, a Christian holiday. I went – but thought it was all a bit weird. The following year I went back again and things made more sense. During one worship session I just started crying – but didn’t know why. I went back to my caravan and picked up a bible my sister had encouraged me to buy. I said ‘God, show me if You really exist’.
The bible fell open ‘randomly’ at John 10:10 – where Jesus says that He came to bring us life in all its fullness. The next day I heard J John preach and what he said made sense. At the end of the talk we were invited to go down to the front to be prayed for. I felt a very heavy burden and weight upon me. But, as I went down to the front, I felt the burden lifting. I received prayer and felt really, really happy. And lighter. And full of joy. Then I partied all night with my friends who were so excited that I had met God. Since that time Jesus has been very real to me.
Who/what has inspired you along your Christian journey since then?
Christian friends have so inspired and encouraged me on my journey. One significant change along the way was when I received the gift of prophecy. A friend prayed for me to receive it and I got it – but it was a full year later before I received it. I heard God say my name and it sounded different to the way anyone else says my name.
Where do you think God is leading you in your career?
There’s a real passion in me to work alongside actors and creative people who don’t know God. I believe I should become the very best actor I can be, and live for Christ wherever he takes me in my life and career.
How do you let God guide you?
I’ve got to a point of realising that – ‘if that’s what God wants, He will do it in His way.’ I need to step aside and let God work. I ask God to tell me where He wants me, and to bring along an opportunity for where He wants me to be.
If I have choices and decisions to make, I ask God to show me the way.It often happens that He guides me through conversations with others. God can use those times to encourage other people in their walk with him, as well as a means to guide us.
And what about the tough times you face? How does God fit in then?
God is really gracious – so full of grace. If I’m feeling rubbish – I need Him more than ever and He’s there. Ask God what He wants you to read in your Bible. If you don’t sense anything, keep reading (perhaps the Psalms) until you hear from Him. It feeds your soul. Sometimes it can take years until we understand ‘why’ – the reason for something. Good can come from even the most painful of situations. Being a Christian can be heartbreaking – why have I been allowed to go through this? But that is life. Being a Christian means having life in all its fullness. This includes experiencing the painful, difficult times as well as the great ones.

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