So says ‘RED’ magazine – and others who suggest that the female vote will be crucial in deciding which party wins the General Election. Yet increasing numbers of us don’t know which way to vote. The editor of ‘RED’ sums it up well when she writes, ‘I have never, ever not known how to vote. Until now. Disillusioned by one party, genetically/biologically / idealogically/instinctively opposed to another and not entirely convinced by a third – I thought it was just me, until I asked around. But everyone I spoke to said the same: in spite of their disillusionment with party politics in general and MP’s in particular, they want to vote but are undecided’. TV interviewers out on the streets of Britian are being told the same. So, if this is the case, what can we do?

CARE havelaunched their ELECTION WEBSITE

The website features a range of resources that will help equip Christians to actively participate in the forthcoming General Election. The website includes:

1. A hustings guide: This guide contains everything you need to know to organise a successful hustings in your local constituency.

2. My Manifesto project: Christian leaders and thinkers explain what policy issues they would like to see in a party manifesto.

3. Faith and Politics bible studies: An excellent resource for individuals or small groups.

4. Policy papers: Researched and written by CARE’s Public Affairs team, the documents provide an overview of key policy areas and help Christians think through the issues.

During the actual campaign the website will be updated daily by CARE’s election team with all the latest news, more policy papers, and further developments.

Nola Leach, CARE’s Chief Executive said, ‘The General Election presents the Church with a unique opportunity to play a part in shaping the kind of society we want to live in. At a time when voters seem disillusioned with politics we hope the church will be making the case that politics matters more than ever.’

Dr Dan Boucher, CARE’s Director of Parliamentary Affairs said, ‘One of the best ways for churches to get involved in the election is to organise and attend a hustings event. This provides voters with an opportunity to question the candidates standing in their constituencies and consider a broad range of issues.’

Is this something we AYL-ers could initiate in our area?

For further information, please contact:



Tel. 020 7233 0455

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