Another helpful resource from our friends at DAMARIS ( who just keep producing brilliant, relevant ideas we can all use. Read more about their latest festive resource –

Nativity! (certificate U) is a family-friendly film, starring Martin Freeman (The Office, Hitch-hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy) as a desperate primary school teacher locked in a battle to produce the finest school nativity play in town. It gently explores themes of redemption, reconciliation and the real meaning of Christmas while providing more laughs than an exploding jar of incense. Nativity! is in cinemas from Friday 27th November, and is perfect for family, school or church groups to go to see. We are delighted to announce that, in association with E1 Entertainment, we are providing a host of resources to help you to make the most of this film:

A full service outline of an all-age service, using footage from Nativity!
Full notes for a primary school assembly using footage from Nativity!
A specially created short video for use in or before church services, telling your congregation about the film
A specially created short video for focusing your congregation in advance of your Advent Sunday service
A specially created short video for use in a children’s slot in a Sunday service
Open access Tools For Talks resources with downloadable clips from the film and suggestions for use in your meetings
These will all be available free of charge at (where you can see the trailer right now).

Please tell others and plan now to build events in your church, school and community groups around this film.

Damaris, PO Box 200, Southampton, SO17 2DL, UK. Email:

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