The Kings Castle

The Kings Castle

What could Elvis, Rob Parsons and cot death possibly have in common? I have a suspicion that the answer involves a certain lady who does not possess a wooden heart. More likely this hard headed woman responded to an invitation by telephone from Rob Parsons (of 60 minute father fame) to support a charity event in aid of research into cot death. However, Fiona Castle had not envisaged herself embarking on the mystery train at 4.45am on New Years day and ending up in the sea in South West Wales, at the start of their conversation.

Funny how deciding to follow that dream she had made the night before meant donning blue suede shoes, charity shop leather trousers and a black wig and dark glasses as an Elvis look a like. Sometimes when we get involved in something bigger than you or I we don’t imagine how funny we might have to appear to others. Yet Fiona cared little that suspicious minds might cast disapproving looks and wonder if she was actually the devil in disguise as she joined Rob Parsons and the hoards of others who gathered at midday outside the local pub, locally known as Heartbreak Hotel.

Fiona gallantly gave a few words to those present, including the local press, and what seemed like the entire village. Embracing her own humanity she acknowledged that ‘fools rush in’ and perhaps she might have been better to return to sender the invitation! However, fuelled with passion for a great cause she announced it’s now or never, as she encouraged all fellow Elvis impersonators to jump into the sea to protect the lives of little ones. Around 40 Elvis would be’s who had just finished crying in the chapel, braved the -1 temperatures and plunged into the icy waters knowing they’d never walk alone even if they went under together.

After a minute and a half Fiona emerged victoriously despite looking like a bedraggled hound dog, and feeling all shook up she tried to dry off in true canine fashion. Still feeling very damp she returned to the little cottage that belonged to Rob Parsons in order to put something warmer on and prevent a fever. Opening the door Rob was surprised to see Fiona’s dripping attire. Fearing for his carpets she suggested ‘I could drop my trousers before I come in’! Fortunately Rob saw the amusing side to Fiona’s concerned remark and tactfully suggested she remain fully clothed until she reached the bathroom.

Once dry and fully dressed as herself, Fiona acknowledged that thanks to the rolling sea the lives of vulnerable children had been supported and a community brought together. Rob remarked ‘this will be always on my mind’ as they parted company and the blue moon rose across the sky line.

Perhaps Fiona’s next charity event will be somewhere dryer and warmer. Viva las Vegas!

What ever you decide Fiona, we’ll fondly be musing that’s the wonder of you.

So what about us mere mortals who shudder at the prospect of donning a black wig, or being submerged in freezing water or even offering to drop our trousers for the sake of a good cause? Whilst becoming an Elvis look like might not be your ‘thing’, how about seeing what charity events you could join in your area? A sponsored walk for breast cancer, a fun run for a local charity, or a pancake ‘bake-athon’ are all great ways to get to know a new group of people. Whatever you get up to let us know how you get on – with photos – and we can include them on the website to encourage others.

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