I know a Young Woman who Swallowed a Lie

I’ve just published a new book which readers may find interesting and useful. It is called I Know a Young Woman who Swallowed a Lie (God Songs from Odd Songs).

In it I have taken 76 nursery rhymes and traditional community songs (odd songs) and have explained their history (often fascinating and some very gruesome!) and have shown how and why they form an integral part of our British heritage and are so important to our learning process.

Then, retaining the same rhyming, rhythm and format of the original songs, I have adapted them into God Songs, which tell the story of the Judeo-Christian heritage as told in the Bible from Genesis to Revelation.

I have used wit and humour, and tried to produce a medium that can happily be used for believers or non-believers from about 8 years old up to adulthood. It would make a great Christmas present, but would also be good to put on the coffee table, as a discussion starter, or for guests to browse through. More details on my website.

I am very happy to visit outreach groups and use my book as a light hearted (cringe-free!) way of sharing the Gospel with folk who are not particularly familiar with the message of the Bible. I can be contacted on www.whole-in-one.org.uk or hazel@whole-in-one.org.uk or 01580 762724

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