Month: November 2009

Enterprising Women

This is Global Enterprise week and Wednesday is Women’s Enterprise Day. There’s never been a better time for women to start up small businesses and your local business link can give you lots of free advice.

But the other big advantage is that you can join networks – there are masses of them out there – and share your interests with loads of like-minded women. You can even look at setting up a Community project or Social enterprise.

It’s a whole new pond to fish in so get networking and making friends in the process

‘I am Loved’

When the day is dark,
And my strength is gone,
When my work is hard,
And I cannot go on,
A new strange joy arises
Within the storm a calm.
I know that I am loved:
You keep me from harm.
I trust in your great power,
I am confident in your might.
You are with me every hour,
I am never out of your sight.

‘I am Loved’, from Music of the Heart
by David Adam

The God You Already Know

‘The God You Already Know’ by Henry Morgan & Roy Gregory opens by looking at how to recognize and build upon our experiences of God, and how we might learn from those times when God seems silent and absent. Offering stories of a number of people who have found helpful ways of praying in particular circumstances, in sections headed ‘God in our passions’, ‘God in our Pain’ and ‘God in the midst of life’.

The God You Already Know: Developing your spiritual and prayer life by Henry Morgan and Roy Gregory (SPCK, £10.99 (£9.90); 978-0-281-06155-6).

To place an order for this book, contact CT Bookshop

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