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Start your day: Worship and a word from Fiona

Give Me an Undivided Heart, that I May Fear Your Name.

 “Simon, Simon, Satan has asked to have all of you, to sift you like wheat.”

Luke 22.31

Jesus predicts the betrayal of Jesus, to which Peter responds that he would go to prison for Jesus or even die for him. However within a few hours Peter denied three times that he even knew Jesus!
Peter was afraid of what might happen to him if he admitted that he was a disciple of Jesus and thought it was easier just to keep quiet and pretend he had nothing to do with Him. When he realised his mistake, he wept bitterly, in repentance.

However, even after that betrayal, Peter went on to become an encourager to those who were facing persecution. His betrayal didn’t cause him to give up.
Have you ever hidden away from a difficult situation? Have you ever denied being involved with something, when there is conflict? Sometimes it’s easier to back out, rather than face admitting something that could cause trouble.

How determined are you to have an undivided heart, and to be honest and faithful no matter what the circumstances?
We are blessed in this country to be able to be followers of Jesus and to worship in freedom, without fear of persecution. Let us not take that for granted and let us remember always to be grateful. Let our prayer be real, asking for an undivided heart and honouring God’s name by the way we live and behave.

Father God, give me courage to stand firm against evil and to remain strong enough to do what is right in your sight in all situations with an undivided heart. Amen.

7-9 Breakfast
8.30-9 Devotions (Main Room)

Led by: Hayley Nock

Why not join us as we pause together at the beginning of each day?

9.15-10.30 Main Session 2 (Main Room)

Worship Leader: Sue Rinaldi,  Host: Rhiannon Goulding, Keynote Speaker: Rachel Gardner

The Challenge of the Undivided Life

Rachel will talk about the times when our lives feel fractured and things are working against each other.

10.30-11 Refreshments (outside Main Room and on the mezzanine)
11-12.15: Bitesize Part One (Main Room)

Testimonies and stories

Sarah Mckerney will host our first set of guests as they share honest reflections and advice.

This session covers disability, crossing cultures, and doing church solo.

Jade Reynolds, Jaz Potter and Sheila Morgan (in the room), and Debbie Van Den Berg (on video)
12.15-2 LUNCH
2-3 Workshops:
Option 1: Dealing with Disability - Jade Reynolds (Main Room)

How can I be a Christian and have a chronic illness? Does healing still happen today? What about when it doesn’t? How do we love those who remain sick or chronically ill? Jade Reynolds, who has been paralysed since the age of 12, shares her experience and thoughts as a disabled woman who has personally wrestled with these questions.

Option 2: Crossing Cultures - Jaz Potter (Authentic Room)

In the book of Galatians (3v28) we are reminded that there is no Greek, no Jew, no slave, no free, no male, no female for we are all one in Christ Jesus. This workshop seeks to help understand our current context and how we can become champions of diversity, so that we can all be one in Christ Jesus.

3-3.30 Refreshments
3.30-4.30 Session 3 (Main Room)

Worship Leader: Sue Rinaldi,  Host: Rhiannon Goulding, Keynote Speaker: Rachel Gardner

Gods Undivided Heart for You

We continue to explore our theme and delve deeper into an understanding of God's undivided heart for you.

4.30-4.45 Refreshments
4.45-5.30 Two options:
Immerse Worship Session (Main Room)

Join Sue Rinaldi as she leads us in contemplative worship. Rest in God's presence and focus on Him.

Unlocking Your Vision (Authentic Room)

Rhiannon Goulding and Rachel Allcock will share an overview of our activities and impact over the past year.  Find out how to get involved and hear our hopes for the future.

Find out how to bring Activate home by hosting a Day Away at your church, with the opportunity to discuss this one-to-one at the end of the session.

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6 Supporters' Drinks (Meet outside the Cedar Room)

A special invitation to all those who financially support Activate Your Life to join Fiona Castle and Sarah McKerney for a pre-dinner drink and chat as we thank you for your generosity and support over the past year.

Saturday Evening

Saturday evening is a time to relax and have fun together.  If you want to get dressed up, please take the opportunity to do so! There's no pressure though, just come as you are and enjoy yourself.

6-8 Evening meal in the Restaurant

Come down for dinner at a time that suits you and your friends - we're eating in the Restaurant this year.  Then, please join in with the evening activities, or continue your conversations in the bar and foyer area.

Hot drinks in the foyer.

The bar will be open until 12 (please be aware the hotel will charge a high corkage fee for any bottle not purchased onsite).

8.30 onwards - Be Undivided: Songs and chat to encourage you
An hour of songs from Sue Rinaldi, interspersed with stories to celebrate what God is doing through our supporters from around the country.
Enjoy the After Eights and treats on the tables!
If you'd rather sit and chat, the bar and foyer areas are the ideal place to relax.
After this, there'll be a disco till 12. Feel free to join in (Song requests to Esther!)
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