This year in Coventry we had the opportunity to make some beautiful Chrismas gifts and crafts. The options included –

Cranberry hearts – using green 1.6mm garden wire in a heart shape, threaded with fresh firm cranberry berries then finished off with ribbon and rafia.

Fabric Remnant hand sewn postcards – Claire showed us how to make beautiful cards using strips of coordinating fabric laid over each other and sewn toegther using various stitches.

Sweetie wreath – Fiona demonstrated a simple yet effective Christmas gift of a wreath made up of quality street chocolates, held together in a circular shape with thin green garden wire and finished off with ribbon.

Julia helped ladies to make beautiful jewellery using some of the fine beads from her Achkiy products, sourced in Peru. Look out for a website link soon to the new Achkiy website.

1 thought on “Christmas Crafts at the Weekend Away”

  1. I enjoy making cards and anything crafty so I thought I’d just look in for some ideas and then go for a swim. I wandered around but when I got to Fionas table I just couldn’t help myself, I got stuck in making tiny envelopes and folding photo cards, I then learnt how to sew postcards and thought this could be a great idea for my 13year old daughter to make for her friends Christmas presents,-before I new it 3.30 had arrived. I’d enjoyed ‘doing’ and chatting, so much that my swim had to wait until later!
    Thankyou Fiona and all those lovely ladies for a very enjoyable weekend. I’m very much looking forward to March 2011!

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