During the Sunday morning reflection on our weekend away, our president Fiona Castle shared her thoughts on ‘Love is…’.She invited us to look at 1 Corinthians 13 by spending time with a fresh version of the famous words.
1. A friend is patient. Rather than giving her opinion, she listens.
2. A friend is kind. She doesn’t assume. She is thoughtful.
3. A friend doesn’t envy. She’s content with what she is and has, and wants the best for others.
4. A friend doesn’t boast. She knows that God alone is on the throne.
5. A friend isn’t proud. She approaches people, not with “Here I am”, but “There you are!”.
6. A friend isn’t rude. She sees others, not to be used, or abused, but to be loved and valued.
7. A friend isn’t self seeking. She wants fairness and equality for others, rather than for herself.
8. A friend isn’t easily angered. She asks the Lord to bring forgiveness and peace to the situation.
9. A friend keeps no record of wrongs. Instead she repays the wrongdoer with kindness.
10. A friend doesn’t delight in evil, but rejoices in the truth. She seeks openness and integrity.
11. A friend always protects. Her love covers the weaknesses of others.
12. A friend always trusts. She is accountable to others.
13. A friend always hopes. Even in the tough times, she’s optimistic and encouraging.
14. A friend always perseveres. Even when others let her down, she keeps going.
15. A friend never fails. She’s Christlike!

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