We can all be dangerous women for God!

We Can All Be Dangerous Women for God.
What do you think a dangerous woman of God would be?
Someone who is a bit more overt about their faith. Someone who talks about it freely and has Bible knowledge – knows Bible verses etc, got all the answers. Someone who wraps God’s loving arms around people and shares their faith in a non-threatening way.
And what do you do in a typical day?
Typical ‘mum’ things :- sorting out my 12-yr old daughter, housework, etc. I work at our local primary school, as a midday supervisor. This means helping infants to carry and cut up their food, refereeing lots and supervising in the playground.
Do you think God placed you there?
Well, I started working there because they were desperate – now I love it. It’s great to watch these little ones start this step of their school life.
I am a familiar face for many of them – have known many from the local parent and toddler group at our church. With my daughter going through the school, I’ve built up good relationships with staff and other parents there, and this means I can continue those relationships.
Do people you work with know that you have a faith, and does it make any difference there?
I don’t know. It makes a difference to the other adults there who have a faith.
It doesn’t come up often. But I hope people would trust me to do a good job.
But thinking about it – when I heard about a colleague who’s sister died a while back, I realised we had prayed about that situation. When the colleague found that out she said ‘thank you- it may have helped-who knows?’ Little things make a difference sometimes. More than we know.
And another colleague asked me to recommend a church that she could bring a visiting relative along to. So I guess people do notice.
How did you start running the toddler group?
I went to ‘Playaway’ 12 years ago. Started helping out when they were desperate a few years ago. Realised they wouldn’t let me go. Now I lead it and love it. I want to give something back after years of being cared for. We hope to provide a safe haven for people struggling with the pressures of having a new baby or toddlers. To help them to know that they are not alone, and that many of the issues they face are common to most parents.
It was this group that helped me to start trying to go along to church again, with my toddler. It’s hard work going to church with a baby, but it helped because I knew the building a bit, and knew some of the people who went along.
When the toddler group leader moved away, and they needed more adult helpers, I offered to step in. I was a bit thrown in at the deep end, but am glad for that now!
I have a real passion for the work I do at school and at church now. And although I may not think I’m a very ‘good’ Christian – that may be the reason why I can connect with those I meet.
At the toddler group we have very low-key Christian input. We say the same prayer each week at the end – some of the children join in with it now. And we have a ‘thought for the day’ up on the notice board. And we just pray they will feel loved, and feel a touch from God.
So what do you think a Dangerous Woman for God would do?
I think it would be someone who connects with God and makes others think about God and spiritual things.
Well it seems like that is how you have described your own life, without realising it..

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