Woman on a Mission

Q: What do you get if you have a seven year old who loves playing “dance lessons” on the playground?
A: Too many repetitions of listening to “Telephone” by Lady Gaga

Yes, my daughter has hit the stage of shutting herself in her bedroom and playing her music loudly, rather earlier than I had anticipated!

When I’m driving, if I’m choosing, it’s Becky Higg/Magic FM/Leona Lewis. If she’s choosing it’s Lady Gaga or Dance Party 2010 – if you see me driving erratically it’s because I’ve just realised I need to skip one of the dodgier tracks because I don’t want her growing up any quicker than she already is!

But listening to her music (which I actually like more than I’m letting on!) has brought a song by Gabriella Cilmi to my attention.

Well right now, I’m not out on some mission to make some guy mine but I am on a mission for God…a withreach mission!

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