How to spice up your post!

Hi all! This is Ant of Creative Stream here who is crowned with the exciting title of “webmaster”. I hope you find this small tutorial useful.

When you create a new post (or article) then you might find it useful to know a few things so read the rest of this post to find out!

Making something bold

If you want to make your text bold like this then surround your text with “strong” tags like so:
...your text <strong>bold like this</strong> then...

Making something italic

If you want to use italics like this then surround your text with “em” tags like so: use <em>italics like this</em> then...

Purple words

Purple is for links but it’s also a cheeky little cheat if you want to use it to make your words stand out like this:
...make your <a>words stand out</a> like...

Links to websites and email addresses

If you put a full website address into your post like this: then it will be automatically converted to a link for you. Same applies to email addresses like this:

I hope that all helps – have fun!

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