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CD’s I love at the moment…

Compassionart – Creating Freedom from Poverty – Various Artists
If you like Chris Tomlin, Tim Hughes, Michael W. Smith, Matt Redman, Amy Grant, TobyMac…, then you will probably love at least one of the tracks on here! Martin Smith (Delirious?) inspired these plus other major Christian musicians to get together and produce this CD, and give away every penny that they generated from it.

The result is a fantastic array of worship songs that should suit all tastes! I had to listen to it a few times before coming to love it, and now have several new favourite songs – depending on the mood I’m in.
There’s also a book that tells the story
behind the CD – ‘The Art of Compassion’.
And at there is
a great video of the songwriters getting together.


TREE 63 – Sunday
This is just great! We heard Tree 63 support Delirious? recently, and the kids loved their music too. Too many favourites to list them all, but if I had to choose a couple they would be ‘Sunday’ and ‘Alright’
There are some great lyrics –
In “World Undone” – ‘Now that I’ve met you, how can I keep still? For if I don’t speak your name, creation will.’
And in “Foolishness” – ‘What wisdom hangs a man upon a tree, as the only way to end my misery?’


Michael W.Smith – A New Hallelujah
This is a great mix of new songs and some you’ll have heard before – like ‘Amazing Grace (My chains are gone)’, ‘Mighty to Save’ and Majesty’.
Several of the songs are accompanied by the African children’s choir, which inevitably means you’ll be dancing along, listening as you wash the dishes.

All CD’s available from Christian bookshops.

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