Ordinary Mum, Extraordinary Mission

A new book is released this week and one of Activate’s supporters and speakers, Faye Smith  is featured.  She spoke to us  about the experience…

“When Joy asked to interview me for this book about ‘Mums on Mission’, I was delighted to be able to encourage and hopefully inspire others to   live incarnationally, intentionally and being ‘who they are, where they are for God’- the mission of   Activate that I heartily endorse.


Joy and I spent not the promised hour, but about three hours while I told her my story. I do this for others for a living in my marketing and PR role and was amazed to be on the receiving end of so much cathartic reviewing my life since marrying at 24. Tears were shed and Joy made  a beautiful story. Then a few months later as the book was literally about to go to print, Gabi, my twelve year old precious daughter, died tragically drowning in her bath after a suspected seizure.


Joy offered to cut my chapter, but I wanted the story to be told still. I want everyone to know my Gabi and that there is an enormous cost to following the way of Jesus, not one to be counted lightly. Our savior invites us to take up our cross, not our duvets. I have had friends and clients alike endure much tragedy and should not shirk from my own.


I hope that if people read my story, they think, well, if she can do it having seen her husband and daughter die in two years and STILL press on undeterred to honour their memories, I can fight and win my own battles against fear and the rest that hold me back. However, I do get a bit tired of being called inspiring. My current favourite quote is by Mother Theresa- a business contact sent it to me when my husband died. “Lord, I know you won’t give me more

trials than I can handle- I just wish you didn’t trust me so much….”

This book sounds amazing, we can’t wait to read it.  You can purchase it on Amazon here-





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